About Us

ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS, initially established as a molding workshop in 1980, is an innovative and dynamic company serving  its customers in various sectors such as automotive, home appliance, machinery, agriculture, marine, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and construction with continuous focus on producing the strongest and most reliable fixing systems in a plant of 7.000 m² covered area. 

We know that if our products are good, your business will be exceptionally good.

Our products include,

  • DIN 3016-1 and DIN 3017-2 hose and pipe clamps,
  • Rubber lined clamps, retaining clamps, RSGU clamps,
  • Pre-positioned locking type clamps,
  • Cable clamps,
  • Exhaust clamps and heavy duty clamps,
  • Hanger clamps,
  • Special metal spring clips for home appliance and automotive applications,
  • Screw clips and U clips,
  • Cage nuts and U nuts,
  • Special spring washers,
  • Metal fasteners, metal stamping parts, 
  • Plastic clips, plastic fasteners, other plastic products,

Brackets, components and own designed automatic metal forming machines. We are the right partners in the field of fastening and fixing technology for integrated solutions from development to production.

Our company produces the molds on its premises with the help of expert staff that includes the design in CAD and to the delicate production in CNC workbenches in CAM environment. Therefore, the desired quality is achieved at lower costs in shorter periods. This benefits our customers to make sure they can get the best application with the most productivity.

We participate in various global fairs and we would be delighted and honored to meet you there.

We have IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system certificates which completes our strong infrastructure. Our main principle is to provide unmatched quality and timely delivery with optimum price for %100 customer satisfaction. Our workmanship is visible and flawless.

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